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Nascar Racing Information

About Nascar Racing

Nascar racing is one of the most popular motor racing categories in the world, boasting more than 75 million loyal fans. Nascar events in America attract hundreds of thousands of spectators and are renowned amongst motorsport fans for their spectacle and atmosphere. For this reason, attending a Nascar event is at the top of every racing fan’s must-do list – and Aussie Nascar Tours wants to help you experience this once in a lifetime sporting holiday.

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Marcos Ambrose 

Marcos Ambrose is the only Australian driver currently racing in the Nascar Sprint Cup Series. After achieving huge success in V8 Supercar racing in Australia, Marcos headed over to the US and is really making a name for himself as a great driver and excellent sportsman. One of the highlights of your Aussie Nascar Tour will be seeing Marcos in action at the Nascar events the tour visits and cheering on your fellow Aussie.

Nascar Tracks

Being America’s second most watched sport means there are of shortage of Nascar tracks around the country. Click on a track name for more information:

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