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Welcome to Aussie Nascar Tours

Aussie Nascar Tours runs several small group, unique tours to the United States every year, attending different Nascar events and visiting motorsport and tourist attractions.  The Aussie Dollar seems to have stabilised so we have put together some exciting tours for 2018, click on the links to look at the tour  details:


Daytona Kentucky 2018 Brochure
November 2018 Brochure


The best holiday you will ever have!

Aussie Nascar Tours is the best sports tour option for Australian motorsport fans our Nascar tours are designed and run by a racing car driver and Nascar fanatic David Ling, so they are the genuine experience.

Our tours also have a personal touch which others don't, because the groups are small, we all travel together and tour guide/driver David creates a fun, relaxed atmosphere.  As well as the Nascar events, you also get to experience the local sights and attractions across the US, such as museums, car auctions and shopping centres.

Personalised Nascar tours

Aussie Nascar Tours also offers personalised tours of the US, so if you've always wanted to experience Nascar racing with a group of your friends, contact us and we can design a tour for you.  

Whether it's a large group of work colleagues or just a small group of friends that all love Nascar racing, we can customise a tour to take in your favourite Nascar events and the top tourist sights in the US - just ask us!

Aussie Nascar Tours are organised in conjunction with helloworld Brighton Vic.